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Zuko bed

With its soft, curvy shape, the headboard of the Zuko bed looks back to the Hollywoodstyle atmospheres of past days, reflecting their style and refinement. Also available in a dual-coloured version, the headboard is the bed’s floor-standing structural element. The bedframe is upholstered in fabric or Tecnopelle featuring diagonal stitching in the corners and it lays on cylindrical, metal feet.

Zero bed

The Zero bed shows off the associations of pure forms, a circle and a square one, make it the star of any room. The rectangular mattress enables the use of standard bed linen. In the storage version, the two-position lift-up mechanism allows the tidying up from a standing position.

Tebe bed

A free-standing, wood veneered sommier with a sober and elegant appeal. A geometric volume whose personality is defined by the habits of its user. The Tebe bed features a minimal and versatile style. The combination of finishes defines its personality: the interior edge of the bed ring contrasts with its exterior while the padded headboards can be adjusted and moved to any side.

Shelby bed

The stylish upholstered headboard makes the bed glamour and ironic at the same time. Shelby is a soft, curvy bed inspired by the iconic seats of 60s’ cars. Its bed frame is upholstered in fabric or Tecnopelle featuring diagonal stitching in the corners and it lays on cylindrical, metal feet. This bed is also available with a dual-coloured headboard.

Relevè bed

On tip-toe, like the steps of a ballet dancer. That’s where the inspiration for Relevé comes from. A wooden bed with a graceful soul, distinguished by slim, dynamic lines, Relevé stands out for the care to detail paid to its design and construction. It comes in three different wood veneers and the inside of the legs can be customised in a contrasting finish. This bed is also available with a leather or Tecnopelle headboard.

Plica bed

Its curvy shape lulls your sleep. Plica’s nature is confirmed by the design distinguished by soft padding with rounded edges. It’s a bed with a unique line, available in two distinct versions: soft and light when supported by feet; sturdy and majestic in the storage version. The recessed base can be covered matching the bed or in a more distinctive pleat-effect wood.

Plana bed

In the Plana bed the frame and the headboard meet each other; the straight and clean lines of this bed make it unique.

Plaid bed

A blanket spread out gracefully on the bed. An attentive gesture that shows consideration. The lines that distinguish the Plaid bed are inspired by this. A curved, upholstered headboard lays lightly on a support, flanked by a padded, square bed frame.

Niobe bed

Beautiful, majestic and stylish. The Niobe bed with its luxurious headboard, is particularly large and suitable for ample spaces. The headboard features a set of padded panels upholstered in leather, Tecnopelle or fabric. It describes different personalities by alternating their dimensions and stitchings. Available in various widths and heights, either symmetrical or asymmetrical, Niobe gives you total freedom to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Meeting_up bed

Meeting_up is an upholstered bed with a floor-level bedframe also available with a storage base. The headboard, made up of two overlapping trapezoidal parts, is the distinctive character of this bed. The removable cover can be in one or two colours. The dual-coloured bed frame with its trapezoidal, flaring shape matches with the headboard.

Meeting bed

Meeting is a upholstered bed with an original, dynamic design. Its distinctive trait is its headboard made up of two, separate trapezoidal shapes available in the single or dual-coloured version. Various types of leg supports are available: a sledge base, metal feet or a transparent methacrylate panel with optional led lighting.

Izy bed

The Izy bed gives a feeling of intimacy and character through its slim side wings and geometric lines folding gently inwards. The headboard, decorated with refined vertical stitching, can be single or with one or two side panels. A sturdy, well-structured bed with a floor-standing storage base or supported by feet.

Folio bed

Folio features a wide range of wall panels – either wood veneered or upholstered and covered with hide or Tecnopelle – cleverly put together to make its wall-mount headboard. This versatile model is available in different sizes and can be integrated with optional night stands and shelves in a combination of finishes expressing a really strong personality.

Fez bed

Like the city name, the Fez bed expresses comfort. The reclining, padded headboard has been designed to deliver high comfort that makes this bed also perfect for reading. It comes with a minimal frame supported by metal feet.

Delfi bed

One, no one, one hundred thousand.
Delfi’s identity is defined by its upholstered headboard: hung from the wall, large or medium-sized, the bedframe leans against it. The sturdy leather eyelets that attach it to the precious.

Cali bed

Cali is an unconventional bed made up of contrasting elements. An inconspicuous bed frame draws a slim line around the bed and the headboard consists of two large, soft cushions laying on a support. The bed frame stands on slim, metal feet, giving a feeling of total lightness.

Aqua bed

Made from a single, curved plywood surface, Aqua bed stands out for its gentle profile created out of a solid material shaped to look like a wave. The curvy line of this bed gives a pleasant feeling of lightness to the room. Two pull-out trays can be added to the sides of the headboard.